20 minutes agoGreenfield, MA(16 miles)Items Wanted
Hello friends! My neighbors and my family are in search of a grill of any kind. If anyone has a grill that they no longer need or want, please send it our way.
Working on our lawn mower, without an extensive tool collection. If you have the tools required to remove a lawn mower spark plug for cleaning, we'd be grateful to borrow them for an afternoon.
In need of materials to side my outbuilding. Doesn't have to be fancy. Can be used. Wood, aluminum, corrugated steel, vinyl, let me know what you have! Also looking for insulation and interested in other misc building materials! -n
2 hours agoDeerfield, MA(13 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for old Amphenol phone Cabling that is 25 Pair. I am not looking to scrap it I actually use it so it will go to good use!
2 hours agoGreenfield, MA(16 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for old Amphenol phone Cabling that is 25 Pair. I am not looking to scrap it I actually use it so it will go to good use!
19-Jun-2018Northampton, MA(10 miles)Items Wanted
Hi, I need baseballs! Regular size baseballs for little league practice. Got any?
19-Jun-2018Springfield, MA(18 miles)Items Wanted
Hi I am looking for size 12-18 in girls and 2t boys and 6 in boys. Would greatly appreciate it if need of the summer season. They grew so much... Please and thank you
19-Jun-2018Springfield, MA(18 miles)Items Wanted
Very much needed if anyone can help. Thank you, Carol
19-Jun-2018Greenfield, MA(16 miles)Items Wanted
Wanted: working blender. Can pick up. Thank you in advance!
19-Jun-2018Springfield, MA(18 miles)Items Wanted
Is anyone have any toners for Samsung not in use anymore??Thank you prompt pick up.
19-Jun-2018Northampton, MA(10 miles)Items Wanted
For a home storage building with everything in boxes piled on floor. Have a mice infestation so this is PART of solution. Could use up to 30'... no particle board please.
18-Jun-2018Holyoke, MA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Iso of working gas lawmover and weed wracked of any type. Someone broke into my shed in the end of winter and these two items was stolen, along with my husband tools. My grass is getting long now and I can't afford to buy newer items right now.
18-Jun-2018Holyoke, MA(14 miles)Items Wanted
Working gas lawmover, weed wracker of any kind needed electric,gas, don't matter. My came up missing out of my shed, with my kids yard rakes,shovels, and husband tools. Now I have two locks on my shed. I can't pay the community $40 a week to cut my grass, I'm fully capable of doing it myself if someone didn't steal. The bad part is the kids yard tools, sand castle buckets (4, 5 gallon buckets f...
17-Jun-2018Springfield, MA(18 miles)Items Wanted
I find I am in need of 8 to 12 milk crates.
17-Jun-2018Northampton, MA(10 miles)Items Wanted
Mine gets broke yesterday. Thanks
17-Jun-2018Northampton, MA(10 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for regulation size/wt bocce ball set for new bocce league. Size = 107 mm and about 2 lbs in weight
I need one mine gets broke yesterday i can go to pick up . Thanks
16-Jun-2018Northampton, MA(10 miles)Items Wanted
Hello, starting to learn piano/keyboard and looking for a working keyboard to practice. Will pick up Thank you in advance!
16-Jun-2018Northampton, MA(10 miles)Items Wanted
I am seeking an iron, can be used as long as it works! Can pick up anywhere in Northampton or surrounding area
16-Jun-2018Greenfield, MA(16 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for any size tent that will fit my 5 year old and I. Hes been wanting to go camping but my tent got all ruined with mold and mildew. I tried bleaching it but didnt work out.
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