13-Dec-2018Buffalo, NY+8 milesItems Wanted
My daughter was given 2 geckos and needs a tank with a cover for them. It doesn't have to be waterproof. A cover would be great but we can figure out something if we can get the tank. Thanks
13-Dec-2018Buffalo, NY+8 milesItems Wanted
I made a post for a 30 gal tank but we could use one that is smaller too. Right now they are in such a small space anything would be an upgrade. Thanks
11-Dec-2018Buffalo, NY+8 milesItems Wanted
Looking for dinosaurs for a little boy on the autism spectrum. He loves and is obsessed with anything dinosaur related. Thanks in advance.
11-Dec-2018Buffalo, NY+8 milesItems Wanted
Looking for sturdy and tear-resistant fabric (denim, thick curtains, wool, etc) to replace the inner lining of a winter coat I'm not able to travel
11-Dec-2018Buffalo, NY+8 milesItems Wanted
Wondering if any Christmas help for a single mom of 3,, girl 16, 2 boys 11 and 9. Horrible situation and got them out of a slumlord living place and took>
7-Dec-2018Buffalo, NY+8 milesItems Wanted
Hi, I'm new to film photography and I'd like to learn how to develop my own film. I'd like to make a home darkroom. Does anyone have old darkroom equipment including an enlarger that you would like to donate to me? I'll be sure to put it to good use. Thanks.
3-Dec-2018Buffalo, NY+8 milesItems Wanted
Single disabled mom in desperate need of a washer and dryer. Dryer can be either gas or electric. I am on a fixed income and due to recent unexpected circumstances I have been left with having to start over therefore I cannot afford to purchase them. I am able to pick up.
2-Dec-2018Buffalo, NY+8 milesItems Wanted
I am a single mother who has gone through a breakup from a domestic violence situation after 14 years and filed for bankruptcy after loosing a significant income from the breakup. I have a stable income but due to no childcare I cannot increase my hours at work until I am able to afford childcare within the next few months. I can afford to pay a minimal amount but am looking for cheap affordabl...
29-Nov-2018Buffalo, NY+8 milesItems Wanted
Hello Buffalo! My two small children and I need some help. We are in need of a washing machine that works. I cannot afford to purchase one. If you have one that you want to get rid of and do not need or were planning to donate. Please donate it to us. We would appreciate it more than words can express. Thank you.
I'm in need of yarn because I make hats and scarves for the homeless people if you have any I'm at 430 Hewitt Ave in East Buffalo you can text me at this number 763 501-0978 thank you and God bless you
Needed: multiple wooden palettes. Text 716-247-7404 if you have any available.
Hi everyone I need a few items if anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it I need queen sized sheets and pillow cases. I also am in need of a dining room table and a gas stove and a couple of dressers and if anyone has a power wheelchair I need one mine broke and I am trying to get a new one you can text me at this number 763 501-0978 delivery is needed as I'm in a wheelchair thank you ...
28-Nov-2018Buffalo, NY+8 milesItems Wanted
i need shelves for an upright freezer i just found. was thankful for the freezer. works good but has no shelves. if you have some in the area and want to part with them, let me know. they are about 28 inches wide and 16 inches deep. apx...
25-Nov-2018Buffalo, NY+8 milesItems Wanted
I need a santa clause suit as soon as possible. I am supposed to be santa but I don't have a suit. don't have a car. barberarlethia@gmail.com or send it to Arlethia Barber 769 Best st.#106 Buffalo,ny 14211 need a medium. I am a woman
25-Nov-2018Buffalo, NY+8 milesItems Wanted
I'm widowed and a single mom to a young adult with special needs, and have had a string of unfortunate luck with lay offs. I'm working now, but really need a helping hand. I've helped and donated my whole life, and never thought I'd be in the position to need help myself, but I do. I had a fridge, washer and gas dryer go all at the same time. I just need a small fridge for milk and eggs etc., u...
22-Nov-2018Buffalo, NY+8 milesItems Wanted
Looking for used Kook-E-King Manual dough depositor in working order. Please call or e-mail with price and details.I am willing to pick up. Ad number: #389649128 Contact: Robert Moore City: Buffalo, NY Zip: 14205 Price: Wanted
19-Nov-2018Buffalo, NY+8 milesItems Wanted
My grandfather recently moved into a smaller bed because of trouble with stairs. He only has one set and they need to be washed nearly everyday. Thanks for your help.
4-Nov-2018Niagara Falls, NY+19 milesItems Wanted
I am in need of a cat house or small dog house for a kitty that I have been feeding but can't bring inside since I'm only allowed 2 cats, which I already have. I know it's a long shot but hopefully, someone will have one that they don't need anymore.
28-Oct-2018Niagara Falls, ON+20 milesItems Wanted
Hi - I'm looking for a cargo shade cover for an '08 Escape. It can be from an '08-'12 and if you're not using yours or don't need yours I would gladly take it off of your hands! Thanks!